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gaminsoy: Your blog is one of my top favorites. Seriously keep up the awesome work. Minecraft !!! WOot woot

Hey Gaminsoy, thanks and cheers!! ;)

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They’re everywhere man —- grab an Ocelot and let’s cheese it.

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Hitler Reacts to Mojang’s Legal Threats

-This video cracked me up :D -But, If you’re more interested in this matter, and to get a better idea of the bigger picture you can read this megapost on reddit, it’s not as bad as it’s hyped to be so far from what I can tell - and these rules and guidelines are set for a reason.  Hey it’s Mojangs’ product in the first place - this protects the game in the long run I believe for the years to come…  

here’s a quote from Jeb: - via Landshark59

Original post here.

Useful quote straight from Jeb. Really clears up some things, and reminds everyone that, as of yet, nothing has changed.

We’ll post an official statement on the Mojang blog soon. We didn’t change the EULA in 1.7.10 (as far as I know), we only made sure that people who run servers read it.

I’m not a lawyer, and I don’t have any say in legal matters for Mojang, so don’t take this as an official statement, but here are some notes:

  • We’re not trying to prevent server providers. Hosting servers costs money, so charging for access is necessary.
  • People who have bought Minecraft should not need to pay more money to access its game features.
  • Handing out “rewards” for “donations” may count as tax evasion, and may be illegal depending on where you live.
  • Minecraft hosting has become increasingly rogue, and they mainly target kids, which end up looking bad for both Minecraft and Mojang. A lot of these conflicts end up at the Mojang support office, and we’ve been ignoring the issue for too long.

I mean… things like this are everywhere now:

Again, there will be an official statement soon. We need to pinpoint everything from aesthetic upgrades, to in-game advertising, and other issues. Until then, Mojang employees are only speaking their opinions. 


you either have too little redstone or too much redstone there is no in-between

just how badly will minecraft kill my life? Before I download it I need a warning

-don’t you hit that download button ,don’t you dare , no noooooOOOO..

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