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do vegetarians eat meat in minecraft? 

-i’ve wondered this myself —I’m not a full on vegetarian personally, but I’ve tried to keep my killing of the piggies and cows to a minimum, sometimes, mostly early in a new world you have to end up resorting to it tho just to survive…

I like the shroom soup, bread, cake combo when you have the resources and time.  If I could get leather in a different way I wouldn’t kill the cows, —would just farm for milk.  and I never kill not even punch a sheep, always use a shear — I’ll wait to find iron before sleeping if I have to—

-what bout you?

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Note To Self


You all seem to like squids. Post more squids.

yep love squids!! if interested, click for every squid post on geekncraft so far
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12:30am “I’m not tried yet” *opens minecraft*
3:00am “SHIT!”

lol - I literally avoid it if I have to wake up early for this very reason…

bluemoonshadows: My friend made a world on my iPod on pocket edition. As a joke she made a herobrine alter. Then school ended. After a few hours I decided to go onto her world to get rid of the alter cause it creeped me out. When I got back it was gone and there was a burning tree by me with TNT by the top. I got rid of the TNT and the tree. When I did that I saw a hole with a big cave there. I was to scared to go in so I didn't. Cause caves Aren't in my version of the game. What is it? I'm so freaked out.

Hi there, I am wondering if you could send screenshots of the cave if you still have the world available? -  What probably happened is your friend created the caves during her time playing and digging stuff up underground.  Pocket Edition world maps are pretty small in size so there is a real likely chance that you opened up one of her caves in blowing up the TNT.  This has even happened to me while playing in PC version with bigger world maps, when I am digging through underneath and end up finding another old tunnel I had already made before and freaking myself out thinking “who put the torches in there” —

I wouldn’t worry too much about it, though, enjoy this part of the game where it freaks you out at times, you’ll miss it later on when you’ve played it so much that you forget that old feeling, — and you’re right Pocket Edition doesn’t have natural caves yet, also Herobrine doesn’t exist in any Minecraft edition despite what you may have been told, but it is part of the mystic of the game.  It’s natural for Minecraft to suck you in with the atmosphere and scare you, I’m a grown guy and I’ve jumped out my seat several times while digging deep in caves having a random creeper just pop out of nowhere lol

IF Herobrine existed it would turn Minecraft into a “horror” game and not one for all ages, the game is kinda scary and moody enough as it is—

still it doesn’t mean that the developers won’t add in Herobrine sometime which would actually be pretty interesting, like when they do Halloween themed updates.  You never know and that’s what makes the game so great.

civil-warss: Do u have to pay for minecraft on pc?

Yes, while it was in development there was a discounted price.  However, now that the game is fully released, the full price is about $29.99.  There is a free demo available on the site, “

The Pocket Edition for smart phones is $6.99; the game is also available on XBOX Live or PSN.

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sunshine-of-my-love: Hi =D (Thanks for reblog my post *0*) I neet tell you one thing, the creeper on my wrist is not a tattoo, is a drawing (I did while waiting for the game to load ^^") I see the hastag and I think "OMG someone think this is a tatto!" and I do not like leaving people confused so I wanted to clear things up (Sorry for my English, I use "Google Translate" and my poor English) sorry again

OH, not a problem — I will take out the tattoo tag; the creeper design looks good though; and I appreciate you letting us know :)

extra-vaganza: if you had to choose between megan fox and world peace, how many children would you have with her?

LOL awesome and “relevant” question— now I can’t stop thinking of Megan Fox so here ya a go a quick creeper-meg photoshop I just whipped up on your behalf; but to give you an answer,image

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