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Trying to force myself to build more/more consistently, also realised I barely ever post minecraft screenshots on here which is weird considering how much time i spend playing minecraft.

I built this in a really weird order so I’m not mega happy with it but eh I don’t hate it. I like the interior decorating a bit more than i usually do.

Near /warp gluetopia on

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Today’s work

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Today’s work

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Minecraft Snapshot: 14w30a/b →


Update:  Released snapshot 14w30b to fix some crashes and world holes.

Small secret feature

The remaining mob heads are now available in survival

  • Not by killing mobs using the killer rabbit
  • Not using a special new enchantment

Removed Advanced OpenGL

Fixed black spots on world generation


Player heads in inventories and held by mobs/players now display the actual head

View distance can now be turned up to 32 chunks

Performance improvements

  • Rewrote chunk sorting
  • Ported over the visibility culling code from MCPE to avoid rendering invisible stuff
  • Threaded chunk rebuilds
  • Video comparison

The F3 screen now displays how many chunk sections are being rendered currently and how many chunk sections are out of view in percent

 Plus some bug fixes


July 21, 2014
Everyone’s favorite crackhead! 

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July 21, 2014

Everyone’s favorite crackhead! 

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